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Aerotech M1350 DMS recall

The fiberglass casings were wound incorrectly and can fail during operation. Launch organizers should not allow any M1350W DMS motors to be flown with lot codes ending in either a 6 or 7 (2016)(2017). This does affect earlier versions with lot codes ending in 5 (2015).

Fliers possessing the impacted M1350 DMS motors should contact their motor dealer or Aerotech for further instructions.


Dear AeroTech Retailer,

We have recently received reports of a very small number of case failures of the 54mm J450DM and L1000W, and the 75mm M1350W.

After investigation, we discovered that the wind angle on the fiberglass cases used in these motors is out of specification. This reduces the strength of the case and could result in an increased incidence of motor failures.

Please pull any of the above mentioned motors from your stock that have been received since January 1, 2016. Also, return the M1350W case assemblies (nozzle, case & liner) you currently have to AeroTech/RCS as soon as possible. Do not sell any of the M1350Ws until the case assemblies have been replaced.

Please contact any customers you may have sold these to and let them know so they can be replaced if not already used.

Let us know the number of these motors that you have in stock and we will send you replacements as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your continued support.

Thank you for your orders and continued representation of the AeroTech products.

Customer Service RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc. AeroTech, ISP & Quest Divisions