Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey

MESS Reports

The Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey (MESS) is a joint organization program that allows NAR Standards & Testing, Tripoli Motor Testing and the CAR Motor Certification Committee to track field trends in the reliability of sport rocket motors. Remember how disappointed you were when this happened?

Help your fellow rocketry community by documenting your unfortunate experience. An unusual number of consumer reported incidences on a particular engine type or lot number can trigger retesting of the product, manufacturer recall, or even decertification.

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On this site you can also find reports for specific motors or view the latest reports.


Jul 7, 2023Estes H21 Service Bulltein
Sep 13, 2022CTI Pro54 2G LB motors
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Oct 1, 2020Pro29 3G Mellow Failures
Apr 15, 2019Cesaroni Bulletin: 1G Failures
Aug 3, 2017Aerotech M1350 DMS recall
Jun 15, 2016Cesaroni Bulletin: Forward Closure
Apr 11, 2015Aerotech DMS Motor Thrust Ring Advisory