Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey

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ReportAeroTechF44single-useMar 31, 2018no ejectionGlassboro, New Jersey
ReportAeroTechF44single-useFeb 3, 2018ejection blownWisconsin
ReportAeroTechF44single-useDec 28, 2017no ejectionWalkersville, Maryland, USA
ReportAeroTechF44single-useNov 26, 2016no ejectionRantoul, IL
ReportAeroTechF44single-useFeb 22, 2015ejection blownWeston Florda
ReportAeroTechF44single-useJan 3, 2015othersanta fe dam, irwindale ca NAR rocket launc
ReportAeroTechF44single-useJan 3, 2015santa fe dam, irwindale ca NAR rocket launc
ReportAeroTechF44single-useAug 6, 2014multipleWI
ReportAeroTechF44single-useApr 10, 2014multipleChesapeake, VA

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