Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey

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ReportEstes IndustriesG40single-useOct 23, 2022casing splitGrove City, PA
ReportEstes IndustriesG40single-useFeb 23, 2019casing splitElverta, CA
ReportEstes IndustriesG40single-useSep 29, 2018burn throughTwo Rivers, WI
ReportEstes IndustriesG40single-useJan 14, 2018burn throughClovis, NM
ReportEstes IndustriesG40single-useAug 14, 2017ejection blownOhio
ReportEstes IndustriesG40single-useMay 20, 2017ejection blownBerwick, Maine, USA
ReportEstes IndustriesG40single-useSep 30, 2016burn throughNW Ohio
ReportEstes IndustriesG40single-useJun 20, 2015casing splitTexas Panhandle

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