Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey

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ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useMar 31, 2024bad delayRoseburg, OR
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useJan 28, 2024otherRoseburg, OR
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useMay 14, 2023otherSan Diego, CA
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useJan 20, 2023otherRedmond, WA
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useMay 21, 2022nozzle blownMt Airy MD
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useApr 1, 2022otherThree Oaks Michigan - Michiana Recketry Mayhem
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useDec 18, 2021nozzle blownFlorida
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useOct 17, 2021otherWest central MN
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useOct 9, 2021nozzle blownAliceville Al
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useJul 10, 2021no ejectionBucks County, PA
ReportQuest AerospaceC18single-useJul 4, 2021multipleRedmond, WA

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