Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey

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ReportQuest AerospaceD16single-useSep 4, 2021otherActon MA
ReportQuest AerospaceD16single-useJul 3, 2021ejection blownVerona, NY
ReportQuest AerospaceD16single-useJun 19, 2021nozzle blownWoodstock, IL
ReportQuest AerospaceD16single-useApr 3, 2021ejection blownNew Berlin, Wisconsin
ReportQuest AerospaceD16single-useFeb 26, 2021nozzle blownSaint Louis, MO
ReportQuest AerospaceD16single-useOct 11, 2020otherMonarch Grove Elementary, 93402
ReportQuest AerospaceD16single-useAug 1, 2020burn throughNew Berlin, Wisconsin
ReportQuest AerospaceD16single-useNov 23, 2019otherRedmond, WA

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