Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey

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ReportAeroTechE30single-useMar 18, 2023ejection blownThe Plains, VA
ReportAeroTechE30single-useNov 12, 2022ejection blownGreat Meadows, Northern Virginia
ReportAeroTechE30single-useApr 2, 2022multipleThree Oaks, MI - Michiana Rocketry Mayhem
ReportAeroTechE30single-useNov 16, 2019ejection blownAmesbury, MA
ReportAeroTechE30single-useMar 11, 2018multipleEllicott City, MD
ReportAeroTechE30single-useJun 18, 2016multipleSW of Pueblo, CO
ReportAeroTechE30single-useOct 10, 2015multipleMDRA ESL 208 Centreville, MD
ReportAeroTechE30single-useFeb 27, 2015no ejectionWalkersville, Maryland

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