Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey

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ReportLoki ResearchJ528reloadOct 30, 2021multipleMidwest Power Launch, Ohio, Illinois
ReportLoki ResearchG80reloadApr 3, 2021ejection blown
ReportLoki ResearchH125reloadSep 16, 2018multiplePerrydale, OR
ReportLoki ResearchJ528single-useSep 1, 2018ejection blownNew Mexico
ReportLoki ResearchK1127reloadApr 22, 2018otherThree Oaks, MI (Midwestblast 3)
ReportLoki ResearchJ528reloadJan 20, 2018ejection blownPalm Bay, FL
ReportLoki ResearchG80reloadJul 22, 2013ejection blownAmesbury, MA (CMASS)

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