Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey

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ReportAeroTechG64reloadOct 15, 2022ejection blownMuncie, Indiana
ReportAeroTechG64reloadOct 15, 2022multipleNorth 40.21879 degrees, west 112.24618 degrees Uroc's Frank hunt field
ReportAeroTechG64reloadNov 20, 2021otherBayboro, NC
ReportAeroTechG64reloadNov 7, 2021bad delayAmesbury, MA
ReportAeroTechG64reloadMar 24, 2019nozzle blownBayboro, NC
ReportAeroTechG64reloadMar 17, 2018otherSan Antonio, TX
ReportAeroTechG64reloadNov 12, 2016multipleBerwick, ME
ReportAeroTechG64reloadNov 5, 2016ejection blownFarmington, California (Snow Ranch)
ReportAeroTechG64single-useJul 30, 2016no ejectionBerwick, ME

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